Friday, November 22, 2013

P&P Reading Schedule Update

Hello there,

Just a quick update...

If you are following our Pride and Prejudice book discussion, you may have noticed I didn't get a post up Monday. Oops. :(

Between a very busy time at work, traveling and the normal dissertation and life things, I've not been keeping up with our readings. So, I'm going to give us a break and revise the schedule a little bit. We will move our discussion for Chapters 37-42 to next Monday, November 25th. See the revised schedule here.  I hope that will give some of you the chance to catch up a little. :)


  1. Hmmm... I'm having trouble viewing the revised schedule. When I click on the hyperlink, it opens a new tab but just takes me to this post again. Any ideas how I can find the revised schedule?

    1. oops! You're right. Sorry about that. I will fix this. I actually just updated the original reading schedule post, so the one posted is the correct one. However, I will fix the link. :)