About Me

Welcome! This blog will be a random collection for some of the things I love: Jane Austen, cooking, coffee, gardening, history, philosophy, linguistics, travel, rain, Boston, and the UK among many others. If you find yourself getting ridiculously excited about analyzing Jane Austen or the fact that you can make your own pie crust (or a completely unrelated but equally exciting endeavor), I hope that you will feel welcome to comment or contribute. Or if you are a lurker of blogs, like me, please feel free to just enjoy the musings.

I am happily married to my husband and best friend. Though we live in Texas now, I dream of moving to a place that is cool, rainy, and verdant--preferably with four seasons, a substantial number of crisp fall days and lots of snow.  Since that is not in the foreseeable future, I am treasuring up any chance I get to travel and learning to live joyfully where God has put me. Oh yes, I'm also in the middle of writing my dissertation in linguistics. So I started a blog. Because I just don't have enough to do. Ha. :-) 

Thanks for reading!